Siesta Eyes

11 Apr
the worlds view
there are no two about it
--or you
standpoints become despotic swords
(seen by crusting over siesta eyes) 

are a blue donkey or a red elephant 
are a fan of the brit bow out or brussel-sprouts
are a jabber mouth or a kook
are a globalist or trumpet
are a wall wrecking-crew or wall builder 
are an insurrectionist or a green new dealer
are pro life or pro death

but fifty shades of gray?

seeing through the theater lenses 
of black or white
a mark is rolling out
the pigeon holing tat

but a boundary
from another dimension 
the bloodline
clothing the naked 
feeding the starving
visiting prisoners
to tell between
the sheep and goats

3.6 10/10

© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    society • misc 
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