Two Stops from Churchgate

10 Apr
sweat drenches the hotel rack
a ceiling fan moves
slowly (room flies are hopping a ride)

teardrops trail to the ears
i smell  
the nose itches filled with
black boogers from the sooty smog
the cacophony 24/7  
from honking bumper vehicles
laaree (trucks), gari (cars)
and motorized rickshaws
(three-wheel motorcycles with a passenger buggy)

forty kilometers -
from the airport to the lamington hotel
sounds and smells cling
following me into the room
and onto the bed

jet lag bloodshot eyes
like yogurt in bed
rotten siesta
mumbai india

scheduled to speak at a college
on the ocean bay near chowpatty
but the tank is below empty
pooped-out by people
for their ennui
the scapegoat
scarlet forehead  
numb from paddle-wheel
head whacking

throat sobs convulse
but then a voice
from some distant  -  depth
a child speaks up


there's only you next to
the traveling partner
to the last
for the whole journey  

no siding against yourself
that man in the mirror  

but the dress-up selves scoff
arguing chanting
recorded minion diatribes

at that
a soliloquy of
the child and me screaming

from that crossroad day
cultivate the compass --  
my friendship with me  

near a train station 
in mumbai

5.0 10/10

© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    self-awareness • pain • spiritual • trave
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