To Write a Poem

09 Apr
eight fingers a s d f j k l ;
vibrate, wait on
the black logitech wireless keyboard
straddled on the knees
leaning the blue reclining sofa
staring at the forty four inch television
the poetry web page
the write draft box

the eyes burn the head is tired
the stomach growls
refrigerator is calling
see the cheese oranges sausages
apples delicacies on the shelves

my mother is eighty-five-years-old
on the phone to california
for the day of her birth

off the phone to the chair again

the feet burn the buttocks ache

the only noise in the room
the pc fan chatters & the square wall clock tocks
blue sofa looking at the screen
the black finger-board on the knees
eight fingers waiting on the keys

the cedar garbage basket next to me
of perrier bottles & a styrofoam plate
with fish debris - the nozzle says
dump garbage in the garage bin

- back to type (siesta)

stare the eyes not blinking
eight fingers wait on a s d f j k l ;

3.8 10/10

© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    misc • poetry • writing
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