Cath Words of an Angel

08 Apr
green eyes
flecked with orange
reflect the cornfields we walked
hand in hand on that september afternoon
for miles
beneath the oak tree branch
the only eyes for the kiss

hair the forest fragrance
like the breeze through oak leaves
weather-lined face
etched with the BPD
by the childhood that put a monster
in prison for life

but she
to me

the autumn moon
the winter snuggle
a spring dance
the lovemaking siestas of july

between the white river forks
brown county forest
& took off shoes
me, a tenderfoot
but she often went barefoot
so we giggled together
her callus “fred flintstone feet”
frolicking in the golden fall leaves

she wrote and lived poetry
often about a country cottage with a partner
to share the fruit of her flowering self

did you ever find that garden bed?
I waited for you
but life
and then death

on the maple atop the overlook
near the moss cushion we sat

climbed to retrace the fading inscription

1.6 10/8

© Brian Peter Hodgkinson    love • pain • sad • death • friendship 
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