Tanglewood Run

05 Apr
sprays of red maple buds
top the gray trees

the evergreen climbing ivy
wraps three
just outside the porch

the abandoned bird feeder
a tin can with wood bark roof
hangs vacant

a black squirrel
on the golf course
beyond the log fence

the muddy ground
a fat robin hops without
mucking twig feet
near the
sinking rusted wrought
iron lawn furniture

the satellite dish
begs removal
bolted to the porch rail
bordering the moss covered porch
without a c spring chair
and seated man and dog

the neighbor's flag
flaps by
the bracing spring air

warming the greenhouse soil

standing on the deck
tearing up about
a tie-out dog-run and stake
minus dog

2.6 10/10
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Posted by on April 5, 2022 in Poetry


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