Eye Signals

04 Apr
the morning porch watch
a book and a chocolate-brown dog
watching next to my c spring chair
she runs out first to do
her morning quick squeeze
then joins me as I read

the sun microwaves
the brown dog,
quickly absorbing the heat
she begins to pant
up & staring into my eyes with
signatures saying
"to eat"

I budge - she's off like a bolt
to the door
shes shredded the screen
into the kitchen

her stainless steel bowls
wait for water and dry
the clinking sound
the pellets on metal
her ears pointed up tail wagging
to beat the band

smiling tongue lolls drips
she sits first and waits
eyes still & silent
muscles vibrate waiting
for the happy-dance signal nod


boom - short Usain Bolt
crunch-crunch crunch-----
licks dry the edges the corners

looks slowly over
with Oliver Twist pit bull eyes

4.2 9/8
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