Dog and Me Watch the Squirrels

04 Apr
dog and me watch the squirrels
during our morning sit-down on the porch.
see a mixed population of grays and blacks,
while the chipmunks stay to themselves.

each clan largely rubs tail with its own
fur. the grays are quite hierarchical
chose another chief to preside over rodent relations
& the fluff-tale is a nutter.

the whole rodent population can quickly grok
how badly the grays are acting under crackers
leadership. the blacks
won't even flip their tails at them anymore

the crows laugh from the higher trees
at them all
since the squirrel's infighting give the crows
greater dominance over the whole backyard

dog points grizzled snout at a fat specimen
balance beaming along the fence
whining for permission to chase breakfast

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Posted by on April 4, 2022 in Poetry


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