04 Apr
you are sizzling
to spy when you ran your bath
you unfasten the brassiere
untie the firm cherry-capped hills
made my mouth water from the meditation
about scaling the summits
slide the tongue down the valley of your back

sliding down lacy panties to
ankles aphrodisiac
musk perfumed
into the bath
a leg at a time slow smooth
after twenty
out of the tub
savoring, toweling off hair, breasts, buttocks
you lean down drying the calves the shins
& feet

I'm found out busted

your pretend squint eye pursed lip scrunch nose
angry face

hands on naked hips, you motion

2 columns of fire melt to a puddle
in unison
rapt by the electricity of you

3.5 10/10
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Posted by on April 4, 2022 in Poetry


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