Tummy Ache

02 Apr
on a cart, paraded & wheeled
stripped naked of everything unconcealed
the bystanders begin to stare,
heads turn to witness the freak at the fair

a shamanic altar is where
Apollo's priests start to prepare
by shaving the oblation's body of all hair
together with augury & dark prayer

degraded by isolation in a room obscure
the blood let is the only prescribed cure
ceremonial blades are lasers to impale
the drum begins to pulsate the tale

the eels rifle into the veins,
their tunneling torture shocking the brain
they are gnawing like fire inside the victim
drinks the pulse - possessing the rhythm

howling & flailing like a fighter
the offering is bound all the tighter.
incantations are chanted but to no avail
Asclepius is prayed to but all spells fail

right into the heart-valve drugs are injected
into an odd world is projected
awaking, with fiery pain in the breast
can't tell if was botched or blessed

it was reported that the parasite evaporated,
but could hatch at a later date
there's something moving in the abdomen
decided to swallow an aspirin

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