The College Contemporary Ethics Class

01 Apr
shuffle in lugging books
go to the back of the room
damned room again
so drab the decor is frontal lobotomies
the yellow painted cinder block walls
conducts the outdoor chill inside

1950’s rowed desks made for the 7 dwarfs
instruments of cruel endurance
stuffed under laminated desks
of skeletal cold riveted steel

nostril grunge drips out
wipe it back of index finger
the human sounds while she lectures
throats clear noses snort
coughing choo ackchoo
pause then the comedic bless yous

the professor's monotone hum
yackety yak om blah blah white noise
melts the elasto-face into the hand
head bobble backward open mouth snore
the 100lb lids flutter

520 pm 50 minutes more how in the hell
twitching rock the buttocks side to side
left cheek right cheek
the numbing fire

the bladder whines
urine color walls reminds
hung with litter like dead leaves
old papers assignments
the green chalkboard with smudges

the students face to the front
all staring like a school of dead fish
droolers & bobbers every other
but the brownies raise their hands

lounging lower for a flatus escape
squeeze the slow release preeep
trying to crop dust
oops petite but the squeak too loud
frowned looks & chortles

have to play a mind game
or just check out
so look around
their hot their not
eww that puke green scarf in plaid

while buddha dave a desk behind
sits silent & cross armed
the paragon of bored silence

1.7 10/10
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