The Shadow Do

31 Mar
the inner sanctum where
the shadow laughs insanely
& sinister plots poetry?
a kumbucha in hand
amid sundry items all strewn
sits staring at
salt streaked black suede shoes
a dust-velveted cluttered desk
a copy of introduction to aristotle
a paperback of seasons in the sun
a crinkled half empty bag of red hots
a dirty mouse pad
a finger-tortured mouse
a carved ebony rhino missing a leg
a plaque saying
  whoever believes
  will not act in a hurry but slowly
which advice is mostly ignored
      but occasionally obeyed
a psychedelic tie-die victrola phonograph
for my jazz esp coltrain lps
& of course other machine enhancements
top secret like the bat cave
let's not forget
a ship's helm hung
an ostrich egg shell
guarded by an ugly african mask
in short the origin
of my florilegium
my office
my home
my bedroom
my cavern
in serious need
of a cleaning

4.1 10/10
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Posted by on March 31, 2022 in Poetry


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