Juneau’s Camp of the Misguided

28 Mar
overtaxing the lenient mind
accelerating the Midas crime
when sky waves ion forth the rhyme
one tier, the tear at a time,

far-flung in 777 four-four time
so let all bug the jig Hibernian
the catalyst of the perception
for the pharmacology of the limey lemon;

Cesar wasn’t sheared from bony spavin,
osteoporosis then lightning-strike the Olympian
this Pandora congenital from our primordial slime
wedgie the peace-signing vegetarian
who mimics the austere agrarian
in honor of her ladyship,
the august Queen Maeglyn

in kind,
the Limericist has thus provided
a microscopy undivided
with the summarization undecided
where no other tags coincided
here in Juneau’s camp of the misguided
it follows
Marines fancy spam
soup, biscuits, stew, and ham,
all made from salty pork — spam     

2.4 10/10
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