26 Mar
a dog running on the berm
of the muddy road at night
potential roadkill

driving home from the hospital
in the new Ford Pinto
at first, didn't know what it was
loping next to the car
raining cats and dogs,
wipers clacking like mad
the poor visibility

stopped & whistled
the dog surprisingly came up
to the rolled down window
of a terrier breed
sad dark booger-cornered eyes
the gray old vagabond
had me at hello

took him home
to find its caregiver or be one
the car upholstery - now broke in
but shaking all over
the thankful eyes met mine

examined him closely;
so in need of a friend - him too
street savvy deep, intelligent eyes
stinking of garbage cans & poor toilet habits

at home by the living-room lamp
the wounds & deep gashes split the legs
poor old bugger was covered
maggot-infested sores

charcoal-gray with long legs
& whiskers
resembling a figaro mustache
decided to shower him upstairs
made the tub sooty black
bathroom eau de dirty dog
3 days of scrubbing

tended the wounds
called him just what he was - Hobo
the old dog and I danced together
many-a-day for he could stand, dance,
and smile like no other dog
ever met, or ever would–
with his laughing wide grins

4.5 10/10 
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  1. d.a.simpsonwriter

    March 28, 2022 at 1:24 pm

    Brilliant write ✍❤


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