Plenty of Fishiness

25 Mar
liked to fish off the wood dock 
bamboo pole or long stick 
for the line
deep water 8 feet 
a can of nightcrawlers 
or stale bread 
mixed with spit dough balls 
squeeze-dried over 
the hook or paperclip 

bluegill and catfish 
are clever bait thieves 
strip the hook naked 

patience and perseverance 
pull a sunfish 
a bass & ten bluegill 
even a foil 
from Wrigley gum wrapper 
a lure the flash 
tease for the strike 

several decades later 
dated on POF - plenty of fish 
ignorance of the right bait 
a wiggle flash tease 
keep it in the water 
cast the fly further out the lake 

study the fishes 
habits don't come across 
as a gigolo 
the Pinocchio 
or a Figaro smoking cigarillo 

the fish have very sharp eyes 
by the wriggly bait 
long wormed lies 
& some fish set the hook 
in the angler 

somehow broke the rules
by the POF algorithm banned 
from the polluted puddle 
the only thing caught 
was crabs

3.1 10/10

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