22 Mar
tree of life
attends my every step
welcomes to lounge under its spacious canopy
shielding from the cruel blazing sun
the zephyr of rustling voices soothes
back boned balance and perspective

the sojourn here is brief
but the tree stands stalwart for me
its roots, trunk, and branches engraft me
& despite many reverses
tree is prepared to nourish me
by the medicinal leaves & roots, flowers,
& the cornucopia of crisp seasonal fruit
delighting my eyes

can't be assured of many things
during this short stay
yet come what may,

tree of life
is here now
my front yard view
for today's variable Ohio weather
& even after my seeding terramation
near the river bank

3.8 10/8
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Posted by on March 22, 2022 in Poetry


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