22 Mar
Look out
at sunset vistas
lush mountain valleys
gray squirrel cling fragrant red maple

see African savannas at the foot of Mt Kenya
a lion yawn & roar, the mountain eagle looking down
& the 8 eye tarantula synchronize 8 running legs

but a fly odors the perfume

the erect one walking with head tilted up

having arms, two legs & the huge brain
pillager of planet earth

step to the ledge
just to see another golden arches

deforesting 15 acres
destroy the ancient habitats
& swampy wetlands evicting
the defenseless tenants

who are the architects
of an anti-planet secular cosmos
using, fouling, but not replenishing?

the biped
acid rain civilization

rotting earth to the core

3.7 10/7
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Posted by on March 22, 2022 in Poetry


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