Red Clay Soul

21 Mar

Adam means red clay or ruddy

I'm not speaking about eternal destination or predestination but the full catastrophe of human experience & raw existence - though every speck of sand is eternal just as you
the metaphors the symbols of the stained glass, the minarets, the Golden Domes, the Sistine Chapels, the ashrams, temples, island stone heads, sphinx pyramid, Toltec, Buddhist, Taoist, Kozhikode, Shintoist, non-denominational Christian, Transcendentalists, Catholic, Baptist, Zoroastrian - their stories -- all their combined stories seek explain the earth-suit ride on the satellite through the unified grid called the universe
the sufferings and pleasures, textures of evil & good, betrayal with rejection of abandonment like the pit & celebration elation like pearly gates -like
we all meet the St. Peter of death, the pale rider of the wasting disease, the two comings of change & the age of discovery
the Apocalypse revelation to the book of Genesis tatted on the multicolored skin of the ruddy soul

.5 7.2/6
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