Bing Bing Bing Ricochet

21 Mar
In the cooker thought we stood for human justice seeing the cars burning Molotov protests looting Nike NYC George can't breathe 1000 cities march blazoned Derek in orange clinked for life
Do we strain at gnats while swallowing bloody elephants? I mean after all look at history 20 year Vietnam war 20 year Afghanistan & go back to WWII for every future conflagration sits squarely on the buttocks of the previous
What about gay rights sexual rights women's rights religious rights animal rights this tilted USA loves to boil in alphabet right soup talking big talk bravado but only for America MAGA first yes-democrats green vegetable protein tilting at windmills
the noodle sees the American soup as chicken with geriatric leaders roaring like Herculean champions hiding in bastion basements from a stalinesque mouse playing chicken with the button kneeling the neck- but just smartphone-watched & twitter-versed
my heated cranium some history in its bony oven recall Hitler blitzkrieg Poland without much pause from the US getting back in their cups after prohibition acted like Neville with the DTs let the Socialist German Worker's Party sketch Generalplan Ost the 27 million dead Rusky
in the oversized Irish potato head wonderland do we ever learn from history?
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