Stained Stuffies

20 Mar
I watch the little Ukrainian girl with the face and hair burned off lying on a makeshift cot holding a blood stained teddy bear
the gutted high rise civilian apartment building billowing black smoke from the testing of a hypersonic missile
I watch a pedestrian pulling a cart jump backwards as the bus explodes next to her & the facial terror and question why
the tank running its clanking armor on top a civilian sedan mashing it down like a crushed tin can the bully spinning around and round mashing it flat though the injured driver survived 
I watch the monstrous slack jaw orator defend acts of abject brutality all in the name of building an empire that is already failed the impudent runt fingering a nuclear button
the EU with dripping oily blood soaked hands claiming bold sanctions but funding the atrocities by their fossil fuel dependence on Russia
I watch the western oligarch Elona challenge macho Vlad to old fashion duel as a prelude to selling a popular app & Joe call the war criminal the czar call Joe fatigued and forgetful
meanwhile I watch the cluster bombs missiles civilian hostage shields elders children cry & die before the phony showdown 
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