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Biden His Time

today I turned on my black 44in tv in my media den cloister
flipped on my samsung tv tuned in the network neighborhood of the light web
moused past the carnivore doctor bacon cookery & assorted chat boxes with sexy ads horny blonde one mile away 
clicked on the peacock real time news streamed face of Zelenskyy show clips of dying kids & grayed seniors lined up like chopped wood smoked the blood of the invasion 
the dark hair, the face & shoulders plead to old gray Joe for the no fly zone the US too quiet please oh please hands like in prayer
study the tv, the eyes like Churchill's beg gray old Joe like on the knees, but Joe is in Delaware with his juice box & cookie
shout profanity at the tv, not Zelenskyy, but because of the children who will die before the siesta is over
I watched in real time, children and innocent people die in real time while an unreal world leader bides his time  

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