13 Mar
once upon a time
thought I would like to watch
a diligent spider
fabricate its nest to completion

but now, I had little choice
oh, the offensive beast
climbed right into my ear
commenced wrapping its sticky
goo around my sleepy mind

yes, this nightmare of all
my waking frights ambled about
rolling and knotting my thoughts in its
pinching, chop-stick, fingers

old eight-eyes drug its octopus body
down the dank corridors
of my creased cerebellum
it could, now and then, peer with malice
out my eyeballs

the sly devil came in
listening to the evening news
one captivating story after another
and it squeezed its fat lie right in

I let it, in fact,
inadvertently, welcoming it
and it didn't need
an invite
it brazenly thrust itself in,
thrumming the waxy ear-canals
like a fox and peacock

with its envenomed drippings
gumming the walls of my thick cranium
the thing came busy too

yes, from the web
spinning, and re-spinning
the elaborate net-trap
in the head
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