Beware the Jacks

10 Mar
unlucky in love
played like
blackjack on the strip,

five card stud with predatory studs, 
the deck is stacked
against all chances in advance

unchangeable as the cheater's bluff
bad boys conceal aces up
sleeves, shaved cards, the arrogant

Jacks using naive Jills as shills
groomed to their wills
cut the imperious red queens
into black & blue deuces and threes

wise up to the fact
you can't flimflam if your tell stains
your sleeves — stop risking like  
a crazed gambler 
sucker for the game

it's cheapened you
to just a bust - here's the memo

you’re playing the house's
table where every joker
is always - always
ape shit wild.
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Posted by on March 10, 2022 in Poetry


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