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The Shadow Do

the inner sanctum where
the shadow laughs insanely
& sinister plots poetry?
a kumbucha in hand
amid sundry items all strewn
sits staring at
salt streaked black suede shoes
a dust-velveted cluttered desk
a copy of introduction to aristotle
a paperback of seasons in the sun
a crinkled half empty bag of red hots
a dirty mouse pad
a finger-tortured mouse
a carved ebony rhino missing a leg
a plaque saying
  whoever believes
  will not act in a hurry but slowly
which advice is mostly ignored
      but occasionally obeyed
a psychedelic tie-die victrola phonograph
for my jazz esp coltrain lps
& of course other machine enhancements
top secret like the bat cave
let's not forget
a ship's helm hung
an ostrich egg shell
guarded by an ugly african mask
in short the origin
of my florilegium
my office
my home
my bedroom
my cavern
in serious need
of a cleaning

4.1 10/10
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following the floating
dandelion seed parachute
rides an alternative breeze,
stained-glass knock-off nike

off to the left,
waxy purple, red, yellow, & pink tulips
caressing the nose floral perfumes
fuzz-buzzers buzz
the odor of heating moist black soil
is airing a wormy report for
teem mulch

mineral fortify
the sun-bathing
upturned face

& those stained

2.7 10/10

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like the is of the eye
now the presence is
crafted into the now
read in the present

& it is
with the creator
the deep spell of the i

beat its flow
into lions tigers & bears
people plants & planets
galaxies prancing
the milky way with pegasus

chasing the pleiades
belted orion said
in his fight against scorpio
drum it with my club

in meter with the
the spoken
intergalactic meta-speaker

the poem

1.5 7/5

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Prepare for the Feast

overhead geese announce return home
3 blaring v-formations strafed in the hour
the warm spring air echos bird peeps
footing to the store
a kilometer or so
shopping adds 2 bags
one in each hand
listening to the full air
alternating bicep curls
2 days ago nine wind chill
today the 65 degree melt
omad fasting - nine o'clock eating window
yum roast mushrooms
cheese &
macadamia nuts
Lent prepares for Easter

2.6 9/6
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Summer at Clay Park

this season brought green back in style
the cut grass aroma rides lilting breezes
while rainy day gray hints at an orange after-smile
and the lyric rosy robin and chickadee teases
for the transition to the blazing gold summer
roasting weather makes outdoor work a bummer
volatile plans cause dizzy sun fever
& ray bathing people forget how to cover

hauling waxy thick pollen the bumblebee drones
& cunning crows cuss in lewd rasping tones
adding treble to bass the whirring dragonfly wings
at the hopping sparrow a hunting cat springs
dirty-faced kids sink their hands in mud sponge
the wary frogs jump too quick - a girl makes the lunge
the tin pail on the shore is full of jumping grunge
splash - a freckle-faced boy dives in for a plunge

new roller coasters and ballparks the crowds attract
flaming weenies and marshmallows blackened on a stick
fat watery watermelons are quickly attacked
kids practice the famed spitting the seed trick
now summer is upon us string bikinis are here
prowling boys butts hang out the cheeky underwear
plump girls in shorts show off potbellies without fear
& cotton candy faces play hackysack at the fair

3.8 10/10
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The Nest

on the edge of the forest
rests a do-it-yourself log cabin home
where busy chipmunks and squirrels romp
& trees reach up to stick their twig fingers
into the powder blue striated sky

next door, a sprawling field sprouts
new corn nurses under the afternoon sun
the air is filled with sounds
the warble, the chirp, buzz & bark–
the children's uproar

sit the porch, taking it all in
the energy wafts around us

Yankee pot roast & Maxwell House coffee
teasing noses
& we wink our drooping lids
like two in
the nest

4.2 10/10
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Resurrection Spring

sans the white blowing cold sky
sans the creaking trees stand like gray octogenarians
sans icicles arm the eaves like impaling fangs
wind chill minus zero nostril juice cracks
sans furnaces grumble money out of registers

now the trees dotted with buds
now robin chirping window knocking
now sun blue warm Easter egg powder hues
now resurrection Spring

.03 9/8

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Silence of the Watcher

the angelic child looks on with chubby cheeks
cupped in chubby hands 
The picture on a stationary box
fished from the trash 
a stained glass seraph hovers above the window too
doesn't say much 
a wish was directed to it once
but denied 
at least, that's what it seemed 
one October,
two poets banded under its pearly wings, 
but their tandem flow
was halted 
the seraph was protective 
--but a little too
don't think so 
the silence of the watcher 
is my rock

5.0 6/4

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The Optics

runs amok inside of the head
twittering faces gloating over the dead
thumbing the nose whenever fact-finding tries
to draw the pinocchio-nose on insulting lies

bleeds the balls with the evening news
craps in the kitchen with their monstrous views
winding everyone up the talking-heads
the blaring in the cap when going to bed

floating in lockstep biding the time
slurping up the same old trumpeted slime
repeating-repeating the hogwash is rank
a fleet enema required to purge the bank

3.7 9/6

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Mountain Roulette

a winter mountain
wind squalling thru the Rockies
radio from tent

at nine thousand feet
thin oxygen dizziness
frostbitten fingers

sense of grogginess
a warm flush floods the body
blizzard burial

helicopter sound
strap to the aerial litter
back home - plan a climb

3.1 10/7
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