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an unarmed woman is shot in the neck
point-blank without even a warning 
SWAT is in the house, not shooting anyone

They culled her to make an example

yet the powers that be turn blind eyes

another woman is bludgeoned to death
by police, while those in the crowd cry out
for mercy-- 
the so-called insurrection
instigated on purpose, 

and capitol punishment
meted out unjustly by the same
who now won't lift a finger to resist
a tank rolling over a car full of civilians

& thousands being massacred in the streets
of the sovereign country
of our ally--

where is the outrage?

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Posted by on February 25, 2022 in Poetry


Join the Potty

The wart-encrusted feelings burp up from an acid-seared gut
& I say hello, adieu. Vortex ideas swirl as against porcelain
carrying floaters down the drain. Wave goodbye, don't fish for turds.
The rumpus of mental excretion is filthy. Let it go 
with a smiling grunt. It's not play-doh - so don't mold & sculpt
artsy-fartsy glaze, fire, or patty-polish--
who let it in? -- harder to squeeze out
Sometimes seems to yodel like a ventriloquist 
into the bony echo-chamber, insinuating, weedling
the nutter into a wrestling match but merely needs
a good flush, but before yanking the chain,
must note the smelly contents, then be dissed
& forgotten

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frustration, a padded room without give
a mangy lion pacing without pride
gnats dive, closing unafraid
of teeth or tail, busy golden, leftover drips--
I was Ahab. Who were you? Ear mites bore
into the cottage brain jello 
hear the pock trails being designed
half a squirm remains in the red delicious
bombers and tigers symbiotic frustrate
2g WiFi refused to spear a white network
in the sea of imaginary waves
cannot hunt a dancing bear
to abate the sinking feeling



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Rolling Along

this is it, special
palindrome one-of-a-kind
full-stop, period, dot of two
the kaleidoscopic array of numbers
all in a row, came, marched the line
a comet pass, meteoric shower-show,
asteroid, or hemorrhoid, depending
on the issue or stinky red tissue, 
masked divide mundane, panda mick, 
or the inversion of @22222
whatever it flashed
rolled away






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Posted by on February 24, 2022 in Poetry



there won't be time
to make up the mind
at the end of the line

don't spike the chance
to adjust your stance
to find your real purpose

now, this moment
arise to prevent
the rest of your days misspent

mountains will crumble into the ocean
Stars will fall from the sky
the end of all things is cresting
now's the time to question why

the earth is shaking with anger
poisoned by those who should care
its plates are grinding to sharpen
flames will replace the air

Leaving the pan for the fire
consequences must balance the day
what is about to transpire
is a horrendous price to pay

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Posted by on February 22, 2022 in Poetry


Crossing Every Border

Jews, Greeks, Romans, and Africans,
Europeans of all stripes, East Indians,
Saudis, Islanders, Inuits, Aboriginals
Uighur & Chinese have all
seen the same spectacle under the sun

Crossing every border of 
hate and rivalry, the
redemptive act
initiated as the sole
solution for
transition from self-destruction

Isn't it patently clear
something is awry?

Look at ourselves
over the sweep of his story,
remember who is missing, then

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Posted by on February 21, 2022 in Poetry


All the Believers

some friends were asked do you believe in God

in science i believe one replied
--this bringing up a thought that science makes
a piss-poor deity, heartless and fierce

another retorted the universe is the grid
the spaced-out non-answer of the acid-head 

another spat they believed social justice reform
this under a one-world government eye

a concept of God would only get in the way
of worshiping human achievement as god  

it's always astonishing how much clap-trap
is used when a simple yes or no would suffice

religious drivel and metaphysical leaps
with political propaganda diatribes

the pseudo-scientific philosophizing trips 
the excuses, the binary issue dance-around

in squandering time with "the maybes" a wasted life



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New Years

computers are a damned nuisance

the millennial bug was supposed to bite
planes were going to fall from the sky
banks were going to fail

because the largest tech company forgot
to program their boxes to account for the year 2000

some kooks postulated that Nostradamus
saw the end going down about that time too

the planned obsolescence created a cash-cow
everyone who owned their rigs had to buy a floppy disk
for a hundred bucks so their data wouldn't scramble

those three-by five square floppies may have cost
the company a dime but over a hundred million paid
a thousand times that because of a problem  

the computer company created 
but the consumer paid for 
making fat-cats jumbo

Since then, the snow has been pretty this year
with lots of icicles, though we had a green Christmas
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What’s the Matter?

Journal log entry, a brain-numbing gray day
      because it was, and that's okay
      the trees and lawn covered with gropple
      even the black squirrels were sour-pusses
      the neighbor dogs didn't want a walk in it
the brain was tilted
      eyes blurry and waking, a chore
      yes, that's just fine
      to be offline in hibernation mode
      a shamrock shake adding a sugar coma
fingers on the keys with nothing to press
      a big zero in the melting gray
      matter - the internal squishy walls closing in
      the hag-muse is drugged
      no makeup or blush could simulate life
gray as gravel tasting like ass
      need a new toothbrush missing bristles
      between two teeth with a broken end 
      of bloody floss
     wrinkles in the glass match the day
     swallowing all desire to play

so let's waste cash on trash on eBay.

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Drip To Sleep -Haiku

As the seasons shift  
winter musters its last roar
dripping sound to sleep

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Posted by on February 17, 2022 in haiku