27 Feb
of the country
the so-called superpower who won't
stick up for those being trampled
by the evil regime - forgetting
the price paid for freedom?

looking the other way
while a sovereign ally is brutalized

what about mothers and children
slain without mercy
while smug people view
woke sitcoms stuffing MacDonald's?

look up - for the unthinkable
is coming to a district near you.

some may glibly say that is for them
privileged geography insulates me
in the protective force-shield bubble

today's news is a bummer
so just turn the channel
anesthetize self by AGT or ET
see little dogs perform on cue
cats on Youtube

though the blood of noncombatant innocents
paints the cratered streets
just a few short hours away
by bomber

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Posted by on February 27, 2022 in Poetry


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