Put in an Eaglet’s Mouth

26 Feb
Northeast Ohio has a feisty bunch of black squirrels. 
If one feels harassed, will jump
at you with razor teeth. Their antics
were often watched from the wooded back porch
together with a frosty-snout dog wanting to chase.

One squirrel in particular with white feet and half a tail
was a damned bully. It used to rob and horde
acorns and chestnuts from the rest. Black squirrel councils
were convened to squeak about the bully's heinous
crimes against squirreldom. The old dog on the porch
offered its services to eat it. But the black bully

only chattered its chuckles from an overhead
branch. An eagle swooped and caught it in its talons,
pecking at its stubborn black head to put its eyes out
as it flew off to feed it to its eaglets.

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