New Years

20 Feb
computers are a damned nuisance

the millennial bug was supposed to bite
planes were going to fall from the sky
banks were going to fail

because the largest tech company forgot
to program their boxes to account for the year 2000

some kooks postulated that Nostradamus
saw the end going down about that time too

the planned obsolescence created a cash-cow
everyone who owned their rigs had to buy a floppy disk
for a hundred bucks so their data wouldn't scramble

those three-by five square floppies may have cost
the company a dime but over a hundred million paid
a thousand times that because of a problem  

the computer company created 
but the consumer paid for 
making fat-cats jumbo

Since then, the snow has been pretty this year
with lots of icicles, though we had a green Christmas
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