What’s the Matter?

19 Feb
Journal log entry, a brain-numbing gray day
      because it was, and that's okay
      the trees and lawn covered with gropple
      even the black squirrels were sour-pusses
      the neighbor dogs didn't want a walk in it
the brain was tilted
      eyes blurry and waking, a chore
      yes, that's just fine
      to be offline in hibernation mode
      a shamrock shake adding a sugar coma
fingers on the keys with nothing to press
      a big zero in the melting gray
      matter - the internal squishy walls closing in
      the hag-muse is drugged
      no makeup or blush could simulate life
gray as gravel tasting like ass
      need a new toothbrush missing bristles
      between two teeth with a broken end 
      of bloody floss
     wrinkles in the glass match the day
     swallowing all desire to play

so let's waste cash on trash on eBay.

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Posted by on February 19, 2022 in Poetry


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