Sound Theology?

13 Feb
been thinking about you, God
giving you the nod wherever you are
outposted, steeple-housed, 
or found in my kettle-drum noise
are you easy to see as the sea
pounding the blonde beach lustily?

I've been thinking about you, God--
you old dog, the god-oddity
(a mind can play tricks)
but if you're the only one 
then why are you so many?
but I'm thinking, listening, observing
I'm on to you - you are both,
right? Like you're the cute
chubby baby in a high chair
grubbing finger-food cheerios
& you're Fritz, the cat
scratching OCD-like in your litter box
you are both
both scratch and crunch 
at once
am I on to you

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Posted by on February 13, 2022 in Poetry


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