Once Discarded

09 Feb
A lamp of silk, pewter, and marble
with cast cherubs ornamenting the base
Found fifteen years ago
in the smelly dumpster of an apartment complex
stands at the end of my davenport
someone's trash can be my treasure –
pride be damned
runs in the family too
met Arlene, my biological mother
at forty,
I was put up for adoption
at three
She lives in Lucerne Valley, California
where many cowboy and Indian movies were filmed
next to Roy Rogers and Dale Evan's desert acres –
just below Big Bear mountain,
where the big wigs love to hang out.
How did my mother and I get reacquainted?
She invited me to go dumpster-diving on Big Bear.
She made her living
by selling her finds
in the Mojave Desert flee markets.
You'd be amazed
what the rich and famous toss in the trash.
After a separation of thirty-five years
our dumpster-diving
bonding-experience made me
quite proud of her
& myself too with rubber gloves
tearing into black plastic bags with sharp sticks
spelunking in big metal containers.
My davenport lamp reminds me
of continued reclamation

2.6 10/10


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2 responses to “Once Discarded

  1. Jaya Avendel

    March 11, 2022 at 4:19 pm

    Love the opening lines and cozy atmosphere this poem builds up!


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