Not About You

18 Jan
You demanded that I not write about you anymore, but how shall I not sing of a category five hurricane rooting up a cottage home? How shall I not return an eagle's voice to a quivering heart torn to shreds? 

How shall I not yowl like a freak hit with a silver bullet? Can I be quiet when the mallet-driven stake impales the chest or silent before the face of the cat nibbling off wriggling parts of the mouse before the kill?

No, I can't write you. Who were you anyway? -- indeed, not the person I imagined -- more like the widow accommodating its mate before becoming scarfed down as her next naked lunch.

I fell for your well-crafted act, not for the puppeteer above the porcelain doll, so how do I not write poetry of my downfall into the horny pit of a polished pretender who assumes this yarn is all about them?

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Posted by on January 18, 2022 in Poetry


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