09 Jan
What if 
--we didn't expect love to fail?
--we believe love overcomes all obstacles - 
    even an empty bank account?
--we didn't enhance negativity to suck the life from the positive?
--we didn't focus on the past and future? 
--we didn't overlook the present?
--we didn't consider the journey a waste 
    even after the wheels came off?
--we didn't live at the mercy of others' judgments - 
    or even our own?
--we were not in bondage to our fears?
--we never justified bitterness as the reason
    to end a relationship?
--we chose to be happy when everything seemed wrong?
--we were convinced that there is a higher spiritual way 
    that supersedes the stiff unbending symbols?
--we were sure that living is about learning to love -
     empowering ourselves and others in our relationships?
--we practiced kindness and respect as the highest forms of love?
--we tried to understand rather than to judge? 



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  1. Isamapeace

    January 9, 2022 at 1:05 pm




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