08 Jan
A temporary standoff exists
between microorganisms

..    ....   
,,,,, , ,
mitigating whales, elephants, 
bunnies, and humans.
All organics are the macro from the micro.

...    ,,,,   <->  ??????    !!!!!!

nanoparticles collude and collide, 
have love-fests  --> O
and beat war drums .. .. .. .. .. .. .....
explaining the pot-bellied tenant  D
who belches with incessant indigestion 
and the spike-helmeted mini machine 
infiltrating nasal passages. 

So whether it's birth-- 
(a combination of wet specks) 
or dying 
(domination of one bug over another), 
It's all about opportunistic bugs  . . . . . . . 
Did I mention a bunny?

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Posted by on January 8, 2022 in Poetry


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