Your Turn

06 Jan
Once upon a time

There wasn't a day more satisfactory than today,
The eyes of the mirror were not a victim's eyes.
And a smile could catapult over every jagged ridge.

Stars given a name didn't squander the night,
Steep mountain roads called for flying feet,
and lifted arms celebrated both sun and rain.

The alarm clock was more salutary than dull sleep,
A shaka brah heart surfed the ebb and flow of the day
and setbacks were only permitted for 12.5 thousand miles.

Frequent moist eyes were necessary lubrication,
Laughter sounded forth like the blast of a ship in its harbor,
and a hand on a shoulder would diminish fear.

Regrets were tossed out like the Flintstone's cat,
Self-pity was always sent packing,
and catch-22s became a gymnasium for prayer.

What time do you make it?

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