Obsequiousness Observed

05 Jan
The omega dog 
must nuzzle the alpha's rump for scraps. 

Sycophants prostrate with secret sneers,
groveling into rank - 
      flattering to fondle. 

Obsequious opportunists are petri dish parasites 
who also once tongued 
                   the alpha's toads;

Dough-faced clowns with brown noses, 
lap-dogging in tail-lifting smell-feasts, 

snappily smiling— 
slavishly sniveling— sneaking 

into the good graces of those, 
they deem delicious to betray, 

& finally, dominate—

A word game 
was used to learn the word obsequious.

But in this season of political hucksters, 
           is easily observed 

with smarmy scientists 
and technocrats heeling too,

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Posted by on January 5, 2022 in humor, Poetry, World News,



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