New Year Disillusionment

02 Jan
Going about in powder-blue paper masks. Most hide behind themselves, eyes bugging out expressionless.

Prepare to watch the ball drop – buying brewskies, the revelers mask-kiss as it rings in. Others will fill I.C.U.s? 

Shuffling down the aisles to grocery store music, interrupted by a friendly voice reminding us that we're in this together. 

No, we're not because several are bare-faced down the pet food lane. Eyes dart suspiciously, 

guiltily as if a crime is being perpetrated. Happy new year? An invisible killer stalks the land.
Stupid people cannot be cured of what they are. There's talk of international intrigue and saber-rattles. 

Assured that the jab is the solution, yet feeling like our lives have been boosted. 

Unsure of what or who to believe.

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Posted by on January 2, 2022 in Poetry


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