Reading Between the Lines at a Christmas Dinner

26 Dec
edgy like a raging wedgie 
got my shorts in a wad, 
ride over you roughshod 
i can be a clod 
a bull in a china shop 
give you a karate chop - 
so you better stop it - 
it's time to drop it
before i get outa hand 
i blow a gasket 
putting you in a casket 
a-tisket a-tasket 
go to hell in a hand basket 
best not risk it 
don't be a sh*t biscuit 
when my temper goes south 
i use my potty-mouth 
(*cuz i'm low on wit but i'll never admit it) 
opening a can-o-whoop-ass 
yours will be grass 
you better not trespass 
on me, who you can't figure 
i got a hair-trigger 
thinking my boys are bigger
 no tact or diplomacy
 cuz i'm crapulent, 
u see? 
gives me flatulency 
a leaky one
i'm no fun 
tear you a new one 
so yuz better run

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