20 Dec

A guy named Burke said
all communication is drama,

the essence of which is conflict,
most communication is an attempt
to atone for guilt
or to prove rightness.

Drama adds flavor; just ask big media
who follow the showbiz strategy
that if it doesn’t bleed, it doesn’t read.

There’s got to be a scandalous leak or a trial.
Yes, viruses work, too, as long as
there is a collision of opinion
on addressing them.
Political philosophies

create ideologies and worldviews that
fuel the drama into a panicked frenzy.
Add the guilt created by virtue-signaling,
purposefully produced moral outrage.

After all, according to some empty talking heads,
shouldn’t we all be the same, think
the same, look the same, hate the same, eat
the same, drive the same, vote the same,
and spout the same globalist nonsense?

Penetrate the bs with mindfulness,
the drama, the artificial flavor, the woven
the spun

*yawn –they’re crying wolf again…
omg. chicken’s got the sky falling again…
& watch the evening news flop.

ad infinitum ad nauseam

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