Weighed in the Balance

17 Dec
The meritorious system of reaching heaven fails, and so do specific social philosophies that try to achieve social equity by a similar doomed-to-failure idea. Human dignity cannot be earned by good behavior. Either it is a given, or it is not. It must be unconditional, or it isn't dignity at all. Suppose human dignity is a matter of political affiliation, ethnicity, religion, mental acuity, social class, standing, education, sexuality, clothes, or which side of the tracks you live on. In that case, such a spurious dignity contains the seeds of hate and war. It is just another gang membership against others. Genuine human dignity has nothing to do with genetic advantage or age. For example, placing a higher value on vaccinated people more than on those who are not is an offense against humanity at a most fundamental level. Humanity's endemic moral depravity is on full display whenever it seeks to cull off those they consider less than a more self-grouping elite. Using fear to force gang membership displays a bully trying to make a group into a collective bully. Our technologies, then, can be used as a bully-pulpit. Human dignity derives from one source alone: we are all created in God's image.



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