Dot Calm

15 Dec
finding the
companion windows
online dating service profiles

like hunting for the megalodon tooth
in a kiddie daycare sandbox
better odds
of finding the oversized tooth
at the preschool

often spurious
the cause for self-flagellation
to suck it up like statues
with crumbled packages

yet those knife-edge
mascara lashes can leave marks
fanging into the pump

coy-pretentious smiles
saying thank you
we may have the chemistry
translated your a loser get lost
the first kiss like a dead fish

but don't let yours
be frozen blue
by the meet & greet with a bloody mary
at the local wine bar

the profile gentle like a dove
but the lasers of the vulture
are dateus interruptus

constant device notifications
oh I'm sorry I have to answer this
shifty eyes dart
the device back and forth
the secretive cryptic smile -

just angling the wider sea
while looking thru me
being played like a slot machine
the avalanche of curls

cascading down
the stroke never given
push-ups push up
hacky sack slippery slopes

well not -
double bubble boiling trouble
don't squeeze the papayas

frequent rejection births repulsion
instead stay sane
more fulfillment found
adopting a rescue dog or cat

.07 8/5

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