Dot Calm

15 Dec
finding a
perusing online dating service
can be like trying to find a megalodon tooth
in a kiddie daycare sandbox
there's more of a chance
in finding the tooth
an opportunity for self-flagellation 
we are supposed
to suck it up like stoic statues
with cracked off packages 

yet those knife-edged 
mascara lashes can leave stripes 
biting deep into the pump 
a coy-pretentious smile 
saying   thank you 
maybe we have the chemistry
but translated  get lost 

but don't let your best parts 
be frozen blue 
by the meet & greet with a bloody mary
at a local wine bar
her profile seems dove-like
but she has the eyes of a vulture
getting constant cell notifications 
gaming you with her shifty eyes
darting to the device  then
a smile  lather-rinse-repeat

she's angling her wider sea
with her avalanche of curls 
cascading down 
invite a stroke 
rolling down the back & 
push-ups under 
enhanced slippery slopes 

bubble trouble
but probably not prudent to drink
the kool-aid 

frequent rejection births repulsion 
there's more fulfillment 
adopting a rescue dog or cat 

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Posted by on December 15, 2021 in Poetry



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