Ants in Our Pants

13 Dec
If it's not the virus
it's the experimental vaccine or the
spinoffs delta and omicron,
or boosters for life

masks on the family around
the Christmas tree
or two masks may not even be enough
or the nincompoop who declares
second amendment rights and a
right to not to mask while spraying 
angry droplets in your face

or kids locked up like prisoners on the border, or
where's the wall now? or covid illegals
being flown to a city near you, 

or paying
thirty bucks for the turkey that cost eighteen

last year. or not enough toilet paper on the shelf
a run on it, and customers tussling in Cosco for
the last pack of rolls. 

or China "not gonna eat
our lunch" then china eating our lunch, 
the dopey guy on CNN whacking off publicly 
on a zoom call, 
kids schooling on zoom while
playing video games on split-screen and watching

or thinking maybe it's time to save the trees
and wipe with my hand - like they do in India
(I tried it once but left a faint odor on my fingers)
ya, I smelled em. Maybe I didn't do it right 
or left-handed. 

We shouldn't
shake hands anymore anyways. seems Americans
are more worried about wiping than food. 
peaceful protests that burn cars and buildings
with Molotov cocktails 
demanding that the police be defunded, 
or that the politicians that have bodyguards 
with real guns who, for votes, pretend
they support the idea that 
the police should be defunded - of course, just
not theirs ... 

someone said, "it's the ant
that terrorizes the elephant, not the lion."
what about a whole bunch of ants?   

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