Swing Away

10 Dec
They will do you for a Franklin.
or cash app or Venmo
But the ways of the insatiable flesh
will always enmesh
crimson lights used to sign the door.
but now a meat market lines in rows 
netted in Amazon-like cam shows
so if you are hungry or horny
you can click to go next-door
to almost the same store
to peep at your children hitting the floor

we hear so much about being "woke,"
but as long as we denigrate the priceless,
we're a joke
if the #metoo picks and chooses 
according to their political stooges
giving some frequent flyers a pass
because of dishonest ideological bias
then they stand for nothing
worst than asleep, they're liars  

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Posted by on December 10, 2021 in Poetry


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