08 Dec
Twelve years ago,
all the old whys, like puss-filled blood,
dribbled to the floor.
I heard the sound of my choking voice,
"There's only one you you must live with."

I lay alone that whole day,
lost all track of time, the world,
all mental foundations were gone.
The bleak spiral was broken,
my unfettered thoughts were the key.

Budding like the spring,
this new verdant word.
Though, I almost overlooked -
nearer than the nose on my face
my true identity was only just me.

is my part in the journey
complete with pitfalls
But fear is not my guide,
now is my only chance to live.

Again, I began to hear
myself, like a child, 
beginning to soar again -
though the dark cloudy shades,
I breathe them in,
so everything can be chosen.

I have come a distance,
And have seen my share of pain.
But, to disown my voice?
Intolerable! I won't!
I am now my own best friend.

© 2007

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