06 Dec

Where is the “real world?”
Now, where do we live?
Why can’t we forgive?
It seems human beings never learn,
primitive minds, like a sieve.

Some mindlessly think
we need to go to war.
But war is hell —
Yet a chance for peace they repel
Warped with anger
they are under a spell.

The real world is you,
The real world is me –
Only when sharing together are we free –
Diverse as “we,”
can’t we disagree respectfully?

Now, this seems to be so true
That fear mandates the day.
“Right is might,” some predatorily say
to keep the rest at bay
The bomb is their policy.

feud after feud
and bitter the roots
Do we need to be brutes?
Or encourage a new way
To solve disputes?

We claim that we’re advancing,
evolving more and more –
Yet, as a race, still depending on war
more disconnected
than ever before.

If, indeed, the world system
requires the continuous threat of war,
Then I earnestly deplore
the lizard-brained wisdom –
and denounce the “real world.”

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