Natural Selection

28 Nov
Natural humankind does the primate
thing looking for tools and gadgets
to weaponize
to lord it over the have-nots.
Some want to be royal over the rest.

Whether fire, iron, oil, atomic energy,
or AI, it is just the same crusade
for world domination by big money
politics fused with big science
& the criminals of these,

add the snooty academics 
with their politically fawning
one-sided philosophy 
and soft science, paying attention
only to the smudged ball of their
swollen craniums
-- it's all a power hunt
with the outcome of population reduction.

Don't imagine that 
eugenics went out of vogue with corn flakes
To these masked enthusiasts,
the survival of the fittest accelerates
by burying others.

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Posted by on November 28, 2021 in Poetry


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