Enjoying a Bowl of Pinto Beans on Walnut Trail

18 Nov
Emily often pondered what was beyond 
death & taught me with a bumbling fly. 

More than a century ago, 
Walt wrote 
Leaves still able to strip 
culture-blindness from today's eyes.

Allen let it all dangle out, jazzing it up 
with his radical staccato beat. 

Carl's blast of "The People, Yes." 
imparts a feeling of significance. 

The "crooked hands" of Alfred's bird 
show the vigor to grab a word. 

The foaming creek of Kenneth's Har 
cites both academic with industrial. 

Wallace's "compass of that sea" 
--much like the one I'll use for me. 

Both parliaments and parties
are mere baubles before these. 
The razor blade of the pen
will crop them to their knees. 
Like Percy's "shattered visage," then
in heaps of crumbled seas.

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