One Word

09 Nov

One Word

What would you like inscribed
on your headstone? Here lies
a good egg 
who got a tat
or a Vegas show 
and won a million bucks on AGT, 

a Trump Republican --or Biden Democrat? 
didn't rock the boat too much 
but just kinda floated along--
inconspicuously with the crowd

went to church, 

Or lifted tons of weight
ate vegan, carnivore?
and had 6-pack abs, 

or went viral on TikTok
having billions of followers, or had
your name in the headlines for some
nefarious act that gave you a fleeting moment
of infamy? 

You want something
on that stone that remembers why you were
special, important. 
Here lies a billionaire?
Did you go to the moon? To
outer space? 
Were you the college student
Or once speaker of the house--
maybe even commander and chief 
of the entire nation?

Do any of these epitaphs make you, you? 

In relatively a few brief years,
none of these things will matter.

Only one inscription will stand out

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