05 Nov
A worm undulated along, minding its business.
Somewhat nearsighted, the worm was shocked
to be suddenly snout to snout
with a drooling rat. The toothy monster looked 
enormous to the worm 
until an elephant
stomped the rat flat and let the worm
wriggle up its trunk onto the behemoth's
huge head. The worm now felt 
that it was lofty and invincible because
nothing could be higher than it, 
an eagle swooped down and carried it off
to a tree where the worm spun itself into
a hardened cocoon. Later
it squeezed its way out to flit
above the earth 
in accord with its monarch birthright. 

The moral of the story is that
there isn't one, except that what we
think we see has everything to do
with our limited paradigm & outlook. 
At first, 
the omnivorous rat seemed to be the worm's 
dominant fact until a more powerful one 
pulverized the rat.
But the worm's thundering benefactor 
was exceeded by still a
higher one - after all,
every butterfly was once
a worm.
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Posted by on November 5, 2021 in Poetry



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