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Sickle Maker

When anyone claims to be the voice
of a god, or science, or the senate --
and even says they are the embodied
representation of whatever they claim to be. 
They are liars.
But be sure they are full of it.
And full of themselves too.
They are as twisted as a pig's tail
They are as crooked as a dog's hind leg.
They are claiming a right
to step on your head. 
A true professional
will temper their skill and knowledge
with humility. The etymology of the word
"Doctor" is "teacher," not your highness.
Hubris is never in good form.
"Pride goeth before ...." 

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Unmasked -Haiku


     It is what it is
     All conspiracies aside
     The truth wears no mask

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Natural Selection

Natural humankind does the primate
thing looking for tools and gadgets
to weaponize
to lord it over the have-nots.
Some want to be royal over the rest.

Whether fire, iron, oil, atomic energy,
or AI, it is just the same crusade
for world domination by big money
politics fused with big science
& the criminals of these,

add the snooty academics 
with their politically fawning
one-sided philosophy 
and soft science, paying attention
only to the smudged ball of their
swollen craniums
-- it's all a power hunt
with the outcome of population reduction.

Don't imagine that 
eugenics went out of vogue with corn flakes
To these masked enthusiasts,
the survival of the fittest accelerates
by burying others.

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Little Bunnies Marching

Massacring the innocent
snow-bunnies  with barely a word
Do you know their names?
yet you knew George's 
for months on end
the girls don't fit into the agenda  
slots for the woke daily news cycle
a deadlocked predator with a blood-red club
will lawyer up and take internet donations for bail
criminalize the victims, excuse the perps
what follows is more repressed outrage
on both sides of the argument
where the children pay
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there is a wound that heals
there is a sand that soothes
there is a cloud that clarifies
the bumpy road that smooths

truth telling can be lies
What's called wisdom may be dumb
there is a fame to ostracize,
the familiar royal bum

what looks to be in one way
in opposition may be found
the enigma defies what it is
& how you may expound

from jumping to conclusions
and interpretations that impound
I'll take my leave this autumn day
to ride my muse unbound

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A Failure To Communicate -Haiku

Connection failure
Communication breakdown

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Dark Messaging

Some of what passes 
as poetry or art 
is as incomprehensible as speaking in tongues. 

A tattoo artist
doesn't employ the same wastefulness. After all,
putting a Jackson Pollock on a customer's
bicep probably wouldn't give a special
message. Nor are they likely to needle
into someone's back "During ramification caracoleos
descends pressure" framed by a heart.

Today, a tattoo artist said, "It sounds like 
the revolution has started; ... ." 
There are no deep poetics here. 

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Isn't every end the child of a beginning?
Isn't every heartbreak the trophy of your love?
Isn't every change the cloth that life is cut from?
Isn't each today a present from above?

Isn't every sight a reflection in a mirror?
Isn't every word the effort to explain?
Isn't every thought changed by your perception?
Isn't every pleasure seated opposite of pain?

Doesn't every death allow for a commencement?
Doesn't every dream prove to be the dreamer's worth?
Isn't everything the dream of a creator?
Isn't everything a gift on planet earth?

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What It All Boils Down To -Haiku

          is the foundation of life
               the key to it all

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a pretty lady sprawls naked on the bed sheets
  she is an unwritable verse on my pillow
   by my side is a demolition derby, a risky challenge--
      breathing rhythmically with tranquil eyes--
	words of an angel - she's the highest peak
	  my half-century would ever savor.
	   I watch, hours slip by--        
	     Still, I want
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