Cruel and Unusual

30 Oct
We waited 9 hours in the ER 
waiting room. Mike was coughing violently
with reoccurring pneumonia struggling to breathe.
After admitting him, they Foley
catheterized him though he didn't need it.
Being a Saturday, the A-team wasn't there.
Not sure which alphabet we got. Seeing
Mike lives in a wheelchair & 71-years-old,
to cath him meant to negotiate a swollen
prostate, which mitigated more problems.
So they blasted through it, causing
blood clots and a bright red Foley bag.
On top of all of this, they tried to remove
the catheter, which caused a Carrie-like
scene drenching his bed in blood. But
that wasn't all. They tried putting it back
only to come short of getting it in the bladder
before inflating the tiny balloon meant to keep
it in. Thus they perforated his urethra, which
reenacted another blood-fountain event.
Poor guy. We have extra Halloween blood
for sale. Did you know that the medical
profession is the 3rd leading cause of
mortality in the USA?

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